2350 Skinkers Neck Rd
Rappahannock Academy, VA 22538

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2021 Memorial Day Weekend




May 28th Friday 9 – 1
May 29th Saturday 9 – 1
May 30th Sunday CLOSED
May 31st Monday CLOSED


Posted 05.17.21




On this day May 8 , 2021 We Dedicated this Center in Memory of Tom Creel & Richard Miller .
To Honor and Recognize the Dedication and Commitment of their Tireless Energy in which they gave for the betterment of this Four Winds Club .

I never met Richard Miller , but understand he was a great tribute for the building of the Memorial Garden , and the Military Flags that are flown around the garden on the Special Holidays. He gave tirelessly to this center for the children that frequented it during the summer months. I understand that he worked in the Restaurant , and on the Golf Course .

To Honor my Friend and fellow Board Member Tom Creel for the countless hours he gave of his time , and donations for the children , and adults alike . When asked , Tom was always there to help get whatever needed done for the beautification of the Club .
He enjoyed fishing on the river with his grandsons , and dancing at the pavilion and carrying on with his friends and wife .
Last but not least , both were Military Veterans of this great Country of ours . “

Skip Dawson – President
The Four Winds Club , Inc.

Welcome New Board Members

Roxanne Hammond- Asst. Treasurer

Janey George- Secretary

Posted 01.22.21

2020-2021 Membership Fees

Membership to the Four Winds Club requires a one-time initiation fee of $300.  The one-time initiation fee is valid for as long as a county registered deed is filed with the Club Office. Membership is voided upon sale of lot and/or release of lot deed.

Annual dues are $1500 per year and include water and electric. A lot may only contain one (1) camper. Dues may be paid quarterly.  Quarterly payments will be due the on first business day of January, April, July and October.

Special assessment fees may apply to offset capital improvements.

A late fee of 8% will be applied to all accounts in arrears more than 30 days. Should the account remain in arrears in excess of 60 days, the property is subject to water and electricity disconnection and a $200 reconnection fee will be charged per lot.

Caroline County has amended the zoning ordinance for all campgrounds/camping areas and individual lots within those areas. Permanent occupancy of any camping lots shall not be permitted. The maximum number of overnight stays shall not exceed 180 days in any twelve month period. Caroline County will issue citations to include court appearances and fines. Four Winds will impose a $10.00 per day fine on members and guests who violate this ordinance.

There is a daily visitor/guest fee of $10.00


Rules and Regulations

Lot Owner Responsibilities