2350 Skinkers Neck Rd
Rappahannock Academy, VA 22538


Board of Directors:
Marcus Crozier, Blake Cameron, Debbie Libby, Karen Gentry and Chris Love
Officers of Four Winds Campground:
President: Marcus Crozier
Vice President: Blake Cameron
Secretary: Karen Gentry
Treasurer: Debbie Libby
Subordinate Officers:
Director of Operations: Tina Cantrell
Security Director: Justin Jones
Maintenance Director: Jay McDonald
Entertainment Director: Chris Love & Debbie Libby
Membership Sales/Lease Director: Summer Smith
Golf Course Director: Bruce Tutor
 EPC (Environmental Preservation Committee) Director: Stacey Crozier
Office Manager/Director of Operations: Tina Cantrell
Restaurant & Pool Manager: Doreen Tutor
Security Manager: Justin Jones
Maintenance Manager: Jay McDonald
Golf Course Manager: Bruce Tutor

Meet our New Vice President!


Hello! My name is Blake. I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I grew up in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I currently reside in Arlington, VA. I am going to be in the area for the next few years. I am active duty military. I have lived and worked around the country and the world for my current employer. Some of my current responsibilities include conducting monthly testing and being the company’s equal opportunity representative. I have been with my lovely wife for ten years, and we have a three year old son. My hobbies include hunting, fishing, and spending quality time with my family. I look forward to serving the residents of Four Winds and I am excited to see where the future of this great club goes!