2350 Skinkers Neck Rd
Rappahannock Academy, VA 22538


Campground Attractions

Holiday Lake

Holiday Lake

Holiday Lake is are largest lake with plenty of coves where the Big ones are caught. With various species of fishes, and waterfowl Holiday Lake makes a great place to enjoy the day on the boat. You can troll around all the natural cover, docks and piers – where many nice size Bass have been pulled out over the years. You might even see a Bald Eagle swoop down and snag a snack out of the lake if you keep a close eye!

Spring Lake

Spring Lake

Spring Lake is the smaller of the 2 lakes at the Club. It is home to many types of wildlife, including various sizes of fish, turtles and water fowl. It’s surrounded by a beautiful canopy of trees a great place to kick back along the bank with a frosty beverage and a fishing pole.

Rappahannock River

Rappahannock River

Situated right on the bank of the Rappahannock, the Four Winds Campground provides easy access for kayaks and canoes. After a long day on the river, join some friends on the beach for some sweet treats over the fire.

Nearby Attractions

Nature & Tourism

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Washington DC Tourism

Virginia State Fair – The Fair offers rides, carnival games, concerts, and typical Fair foods such as corn dogs, cotton candy, and artesian foods as well as Virginia favorites such as barbecue chicken and peanuts. The Fair also offers technological, agricultural, historical, and livestock exhibitions and competitions.

Caroline County Calendar of Events

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Nearby History

Stonewall Jackson Shrine   Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania Military Park

Virginia Civil War Trails – Caroline County has 5 sites on the Virginia Civil War Trails tour, all of which are associated with Grant’s Overland Campaign, and the Battle of the North Anna River, fought predominately on Caroline soil. In late May of 1864, 200,000 troops clashed as Lee’s forces first met Grant’s army. Grant had hoped to maneuver around Lee and make a run for the Confederate Capital of Richmond, but Lee diverted him across Caroline County into the heavily fortified banks of the North Anna River.

Town of Port Royal