2350 Skinkers Neck Rd
Rappahannock Academy, VA 22538

Golf Guidelines

The Four Winds Golf Course Rules and Regulations

From the Four Winds Golf Community

We are committed to golf and our facility.  The Four Winds Golf Club provides a place for those who love the game to play.  Our course has evolved and reinvented itself many times by the founders and the membership.

Our current Members and the Golf Committee request that all golfers recognize and respect our course and use these reasonable and appropriate guidelines while enjoying our facility.

Finally, we hope that you will seek out any Member, Golf Committee Member or the Golf Director with recommendations that may improve play or this facility.  These individual’s names are posted in the Out of Bounds restaurant.

Golf Course Rules and Regulations

  • Only golfers who have either a valid Golf Membership card or a golf receipt are allowed on the golf course.
  • All golfers shall sign the daily tee-sheet.
  • Two or more players playing out of one golf bag is prohibited.
  • Golfers must be at least 16 years old and possess a valid driver’s license to rent and operate a golf cart.  A maximum of two people per cart.  Players are responsible for any damage to the golf carts. A ride along guest is permitted providing room on the cart is available.
  • All golfers will obey locally posted rules, regulations, use all cart paths and follow cart traffic signs.
  • Only carts with a handicap flag or sticker may drive up to a green apron.
  • Push or pull carts will be kept off the tee and green.
  • Golfers may be removed for abusive language, threatening or dangerous behavior, damage to the golf course or any infraction deemed not in the best interest of the facility.
  • Play using U.S.G.A. rules, follow local rules per the score card or front desk.
  • Replace all divots, repair ball marks on green, rake sand bunkers.
  • Play one ball please for pace of play.
  • Always leave the golf course in the condition in which you would like to find it.


Attire for Men:  Slacks or golf shorts must be worn, with a collared shirt. T-shirts, tank-tops, cut-offs, sweat pants, bathing suits or athletic shorts are prohibited.

Attire for Women: Halter-tops, T-shirts, bathing suits, sweat pants; athletic shorts or short shorts are prohibited.