Private Campground and Resort

2350 Skinkers Neck Rd
Rappahannock Academy, VA 22538

Restaurant and Pavilion

Welcome To The Bottoms

Restaurant & Pavilion

Restaurant Managers – Pam Brady

The Four Winds Club has a fully staffed Restaurant ready to serve the entire family.  The Restaurant  serves the entire campground and features weekly dinner specials during the camping season.  The outdoor pavilion has regularly scheduled live bands and karaoke also!!

Hours of Operations

Friday Apr 09   4 -9 pm

Saturday Apr 10   8 – 11 pm

Sunday Apr 11  8 – 2 pm


Fri Apr 09 6 – 9 pm


Sat Apr 10 7 – 11 pm


Be sure to check out the Four Winds Snack Shack located at Security ,  it’s full of lots of goodies to get you through this crisis……..